* CERTIFIED POOL OPERATOR SERVICES (CPO): For Commercial Properties we provide licensed personnel to complete mandatory CPO inspections that comply with SC DHEC regulations, on a permanent or temporary basis. For Residential Properties we provide licensed personnel to test and adjust your water chemistry.

* POOL MAINTENANCE SERVICES: Provided in conjunction with our CPO services, our personnel will clean your pools, on any frequency that you need.

* REPAIR  SERVICES: We provide trained and certified technicians for repairs and/or preventive maintenance on pool operating equipment, as well as repairs on tile, plaster, decks and leaks. Pool Services Corp is a warranty station for Pentair, Hayward and Jandy pool equipment.

* TRAINING AND SUPPORT: For Commercial Properties we will work with your current or new personnel to train them, through hands on experience on your equipment, so they can be as effective as possible in handling the day to day operations of your pools. For Residential Properties we will train you on your own pool equipment. 

* CHEMICAL DELIVERY SERVICES: We can deliver all operating chemicals such as pool bleach, acid, bicarb, etc, at a very competitive price.

* CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: We bring together state of the art technology and extensive operational experience, to insure safe and efficient chemical delivery and chemical monitoring systems for your pools well within your current operating budget.